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FarhadExchange.com اخبار

ٍExchange your WebMoney to PayPal with the best rate ever(2015-11-08 00:00:00)

Exchange your WebMoney to PayPal with the best rate ever 1:1

ٍExchange your WebMoney to PayPal with the best rate ever 1:1.01 !!


On our website https://farhadexchange.com , you can exchange your WebMoney WmZ to PayPal USD. We offer best rate ever on the net (1:1.01) , that is, you send us 100 WebMoney WMZ and receive 101 USD PayPal in your account.

Some times even a better rate is possible on our website.

The process is semi automatic and guaranteed by WebMoney merchant service.

Guarantedd by WebMoney Merchant means in the case of any complaint you can open a claim on WebMoney arbitration website:


We send PayPal as “for goods and services” and the commission of PayPal is on your side.

All orders are processed in a few hours (within 6 hours).

The process of sending WebMoney is automatic and through WebMoney merchant gateway. So you can place your order every time you like during day or night.

First, please register on our website:


If the default language is not understable for you, you can change the language. For the time our website is in 3 languages: English, German, Persian:

webmoney to paypal 1

By clicking on English language icon, you have the whole website in English language:

webmoney to paypal 2

Now fill out the registration form and “Sign Up”:

webmoney to paypal 3

If you have registered your account successfully, you can see the following message:

webmoney to paypal 4

Now you can sign in and place your order to exchange WebMoney to PayPal:

webmoney to paypal 5

After login go to this address and place your order:


Here, you can place your order :

webmoney to paypal 6

Afer clicking on “Proceed” you will be redirected to a page in which you should agree with our terms and conditions:

webmoney to paypal 7

Click on “PAY NOW” to be redirected to authorized WebMoney merchant gateway and pay with your WebMoney account:

webmoney to paypal 8

And then:

webmoney to paypal 9

And then:

webmoney to paypal 10

And then:

webmoney to paypal 11

And then:

webmoney to paypal 12

And then:

webmoney to paypal 13

Now you have placed your order successfully, and you should wait until we complete the order and send you PayPal in your PayPal account.

Should you have any question please feel free to open a ticket on our support page.


    بازگشت به خانه

    Here you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 426811416752www.megastock.ruCertified WebMoney Exchanger and Officer in IRAN
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