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نماینده ی رسمی مجله ی معتبر IJCRB در ایران - مجلات ISI(2014-11-03 00:00:00)

فرهاد اکسچنج - نماینده ی رسمی مجلات ISI در ایران

خدمت اساتید محترم و دانشجویان عزیز می رساند،


که اکنون سایت FarhadExchange.com نماینده ی رسمی مجله ی معتبر IJCRB می باشد و کلیه ی عزیزان برای چاپ مقالات علمی شان در این مجله ی معتبر بین المللی - با هزینه ی صد دلار - می توانند از طریق ما اقدام فرمایند.


سایت رسمی مجله  از مجلات ISI:


ایندکس های مجله:


Interdisciplinary journal of contemporary research in business (IJCRB) is a Double Blind Peer Reviewed Journal. The journal welcomes researchers and scholars from all over the world to submit their manuscripts on various areas of business research, to be published in Interdisciplinary journal of contemporary research in business on Monthly basis. IJCRB is published by IIBR(Institute of Interdisciplinary Business Research ).

IJCRB is also listed in Ulrich's Journal Database (one of the most largest Research database of world)

IJCRB Offical E-mail Address: [email protected]

IJCRB all correspondence/submissions are done only through [email protected]

IJCRB February 2013 Edition will be launched on 10th March 2013

Download IJCRB 2009 & 2010,2011,2012 Editions from ijcrb.webs.com/archives.htm

IJCRB is also included in California State University & YORK University Journals List

Included in Case Western Reserve University Library, Ohio,USA
Included in Birmingham Public Library, UK
Included in Yale University Library , New Heaven, CT, USA
Included in University of Saskatchewan Library, CANADA
Included in Mendeley , NewYork, USA

Included in URMC, Edward G Miner Library , Rochester, NY USA
Included in Wittenberg University Thomas Library,  Ohio, USA

IJCRB is also Indexed in DOAJ



IJCRB is included/indexed in ABI/INFORM - USA,  ABI index worlds

top  Impact Factor Journals including AMJ- Academy of Management Journal



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